Pre/Post Nuptial Investigation

pre-marital-check-upPre-Nup Investigation

It is essential to know as much as possible about your partner before committing your life to them. A thorough background check should include identification of assets and personal property, especially when the parties are entering into a pre-nup agreement which could involve the division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce or breakup of the marriage.

Post-Nup Investigation

Though the content of the contract may vary widely, violations for adultery or abuse will make the legal agreement of a Pre-Nup invalid. Peer Investigations has proven methods to test for violation of Pre-Nup contracts which are very discreet, yet very effective. If your significant other has acted in any manner which could render the prenuptial agreement null and void, our investigators will gather that conclusive evidence.

We will also identify recoverable assets and personal property, acquired prior to, during and subsequent to the partnership.