Pre-Employment Nanny Check

nanny-background-checkThere are no national standards for nanny training and no government “regulations.” Anyone may apply for a nanny job or call themselves a nanny. For obvious reasons, it is imperative that a family thoroughly interview, screen and manage their child’s nanny. It is recommended that a formal job application form is utilized to collect necessary information for reference checking and for comparison purposes with the SSN trace/Address History report.

Peer Private Investigations will review an applicant’s information and conduct a thorough background check for any evidence of criminal history, prior dismissals from employment and to obtain credit checks and driving records.

Nanny Cam:  Besides their obvious function within the home, there are many other potentially valuable applications of a hidden camera.

Placement of a covert camera inside the home can also help confirm suspicions of infidelity.

Hidden cameras are perfect for loss prevention and store detective operations, monitoring both customers and employees alike.

Surveillance cameras are ideally suited for placement near cash registers and safes, making employee theft easy to detect and prosecute.