Daycare/Homecare Investigations

Daycare/Homecare Investigations

Elder Abuse 3


When a parent, spouse or other family member needs a caregiver, it can be a very stressful time for everyone. There are countless stories about aides who take advantage of people in their own homes, draining bank accounts, stealing valuables and often causing physical harm to the very person for whom they are supposed to be providing.

Elder-abuse cases often involve monetary exploitation, sometimes at the hands of a family member or paid caregiver. In the United States, an estimated five million seniors are victims of financial exploitation, physical abuse or neglect each year.  An estimated 84 percent of elder-abuse cases go unreported.  Unfortunately, credit and financial crime checks are not always performed by prospective employers and an aide who may come with an excellent employment history and references, may also have some issues which may affect his/her future behavior and inability to resist temptation.

One way to avoid becoming a victim or subjecting a loved one to this kind of harm is to conduct an attendant background check. We will review applicant’s job performance and provide verification that the information you have been given is accurate and that the attendant can provide the services for which he/she is being hired.

Here are some resources in the event this happens to you.

A Trusted Non-Profit Resource – Help 
Report Abuse in Pennsylvania – PA Department of Aging
Elder Abuse Unit – PA Attorney General – Protecting Older Pennsylvanians
NCEA – National Center on Elder Abuse – Get Help!